The beginning


DSC_0806A very exciting day, which has left me pleased.

I kind of just want to leave the post as just that, but that would not be fair on you!

This morning I met with Santiago Times writer, Sarah Tory to discuss the Fútbol Calle league and the group in general.

Sarah is also in the process of doing a documentary, so it was nice to share our experiences, as well as talking about The Homeless Goal documentary.

I felt relieved to be relaxing and just having a chat with Sarah, rather than concentrating on how the documentary is going to pan out.

After the meeting with Sarah, I had the rest of the afternoon to prepare for my attendance at one of the social programs associated with Fútbol Calle.

Located in Parque de los Reyes, Santiago, the social group that I met was the very first of the Fútbol Calle ilk and the social-football group is based around this program.

DSC_0802Directly involved with this particular social program is homeless national team coach, Juan Manuel Erazo Lobos.

With the help of Daniel, I interviewed Juan whilst the players showed their skills in the outdoor football arena.

As you may know, it was my first interview of the documentary so far and I cannot tell you how relieved I am to finally get that done.

It was a pleasure talking to Juan, who gave some insightful details about the Fútbol Calle program and his plans for the 2013 Homeless World Cup.

Tomorrow is the last day of my journey in Chile.

I would have liked more time here, but unfortunately that was not a possibility.

Who knows, maybe I will come back here next summer when Chile host the Homeless World Cup!

I am not just flying away tomorrow, though.

Accompanied by Francisca, I will be interviewing the director of Fútbol Calle, Pablo Alcalde.

This will give me a good finish to my time here in Chile and I am sure Pablo has many interesting things to say.

Hopefully tomorrow is another good day!


Kyle Waller


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