Silver lining

The men's Homeless World Cup trophy

The men’s Homeless World Cup trophy

So, as you will know from yesterday’s post, today was a big day for The Homeless Goal project.

I had my second and final meeting with Angela Gonzalez of Accion Total to determine the future of the documentary.

It was a strange meeting as it flooded with good news for the documentary, but I left unhappy.

There was confirmation of a previous proposal that I mentioned in the “La gran reunión” post.

The proposal is to work with Fútbol Calle at the Homeless World Cup in Poland next month.

I would spend the week in co-operation with Angela Gonzalez on the media communications side of things.

Unfortunately, I cannot make the first day as I have work commitments which cannot be avoided.

And then there was another commitment I had on the finals weekend.

I have made a personal commitment with a friend, which we are both very much looking forward to.

It is something that has been planned for quite some time, with a life-long friend I rarely get to see for a whole day.

However, in professional context, it would be a perfect ending for the documentary to be able to follow the team all the way to finals day at the World Cup in Poland.

IMG_7264Tomorrow I shall give confirmation of my plans to Angela, and of course I shall let you know of the details in my blog post tomorrow.

There is a silver lining in every cloud, though!

Angela gave me details of a workshop being undertaken by the homeless national team coach tomorrow evening.

I am excited to see how the workshops at Fútbol Calle work and to see what the national coach offers to the people in social need.

It will be my first interview of the journey and that is a huge relief!

The big news of the day came in the evening when an interview with the director of Fútbol Calle program, Pablo Alcalde was arranged for Wednesday at noon.

It may have taken a bit longer than I wanted, but I finally got somewhere with, what I see as, the big interview.

Of course, if I am in Poland, then I will be able catch up with both men and all of the players and coaches as they go about their Homeless World Cup quest.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting Sarah Tory of Santiago Times to discuss The Homeless Goal project.

It will be nice to sit down and chat about the documentary, rather than stressing out about it!

I will be back tomorrow with all the latest news from The Homeless Goal project.

Hasta pronto!

Kyle Waller


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