Same land, new place

DSC_0763I must confess, I did not have too much planned in terms of filming today.

It is not to say that I did not have plans for The Homeless Goal project.

After the meeting with Angela yesterday, I knew the location of the Fútbol Calle national tour grand finals.

Cerro San Cristóbal was once again my location, but this time I was further along the famous hill in Santiago.

The grand finals are on Sunday and today was the day that the Fútbol Calle team got to work on setting up the pitch.

Daniel and I went and had a look for two reasons.

  1. We were not quite sure exactly where it was
  2. We were told it was near a swimming pool and possibly in the car park, so we wanted to know how they would fit the finals pitch in

For the journey there, it is fair to say we cheated a little – or as I like to say; used our initiative.

We were short on time, therefore we decided to get a taxi to the location.

Once we got there, though, there was no-one to be seen.

The only thing there was the Fútbol Calle lorry.

DSC_0779It was only after Daniel asked a couple of park workers, that we found out we had to climb up the hill further using big, long steps.

Eventually, we made it to the top of the steps and low and behold…a car park.

As we got nearer, we noticed that the team were already putting the pitch together.

A large group of people were in a meeting, too.

We decided not to interfere.

So, after a short Footbag demonstration from Daniel, we made our way down the hill.

It may seem a pointless exercise to some people, but I would like to feel it is fully justified.

Albeit I hoped to speak to a few people in charge, but I did not want to upset the right people.

After all, I need them on Sunday for the project.

We quickly visited the Japanese gardens halfway down the hill, before heading to the foot of Cerro San Cristóbal and making our way towards a restaurant that I had been widely told about – in Chile and England.

DSC_0776Daniel and I met up with his wife, Francisca, and had lunch at Dominó restaurant.

A place well-known for their hot dogs.

I know this has no relevance to the project, but if you ever come to Chile, go to Dominó restaurant!

Tomorrow is looking like a similar day to today.

There will be a little bit of filming, before I go and watch my first ever football game outside of the UK.

Club Universidad de Chile against Club Social de Deportes Rangers.

It is the opening weekend of the new Chilean first division Apertura season – I cannot wait.

Nos vemos mañana.

Kyle Waller


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