Rest and peace


It is 19:30 and I have done no filming today.

Moreover, I am still waiting for contact from Accion Total, but my contact is in New York until Wednesday.

Instead, I was invited by Francisca – wife of Daniel – to experience the culture of Chile.

After breakfast we got a bus towards the central market of Santiago.

However, this was not the market we were heading to.

Our first destination, in fact, was not even a market – it was a cemetery.

Cementerio General was our first point of call.

Francisca has previously told me how fascinated she was by cemeteries in different countries, and she thought I would be impressed with this one.

She was correct.

It immediately struck me how different it was to back home, and that was before we went through the gates.

IMG_7837It was a large brick building which went in a complete circle that welcomed you.

It is hard to explain the feeling you get when walking through any cemetery, let alone this one.

The main cemetery back home is humble, respectful and covered in plots and the occasional small memorial structures.

Cementerio General, however, was covered with large monuments and memorial structures – some were as big as houses.

I soon noticed that these memorials were not for individuals, but for an entire family.

There were familia memorials for the vast majority of the cemetery.

The grounds of the cemetery were vastly superior to the cemeteries back home in England.

That takes nothing away from the cemeteries and crematoriums in England – I like how they are.

There were small plots too, but these were all embedded into large walls rather than the ground.

We then moved on to a smaller cemetery.

This cemetery – which I do not know the name of – was much smaller and memorials were in chamber like structures.

It seemed a lot darker here. Mainly because some of the memorials were inside and hidden from daylight.

DSC_0717After the cemeteries, we finally hit the fruit and veg market of La Vega Central.

It had distinct resemblances to markets in England.

People shouting stuff across the market. Very talkative stall owners. The occasional pet milling around.

If everything was not in Spanish, then I would not have known any different.

It was a nice to change to be involved in this cultural experience, rather than thinking about the project.

I could not help think about my plans for the rest of the week, though.

You will find out what these plans are as they come in to fruition.

Before I sign off, I would like to pay my respects.

I apologise for speak on behalf of some people – as I am sure you have your own words – but I would like to say this.

May the people who graced our lives and provided us with the fond memories, continue to live on in their new found world.

We will cherish those memories for eternity.

Rest in peace.

Kyle Waller


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