Patience is a virtue

IMG_7759The fact that I am starting this post at 22:45 is quite an achievement.

By this time I am usually asleep, after crashing all of a sudden on my bed.

Today is different – I have not long got back in to the apartment.

When I woke up this morning, I knew it could be a long day.

From 09:00 to 20:00, I was going to attempt to do a timelapse from window of the apartment that overlooks the city.

The only problem, annoyingly, was that this was not planned prior to me arriving in Chile. Therefore I did not anticipate the memory space I would need for such a camera skill.

Nevertheless, I was determined to make it work – even if it meant quickly pausing recording and loading the footage on to my mac, before commencing again.

It may well be a fruitless task, but one I was willing to try.

I knew that most of the action was to happen in the evening.

Before I move on to what I did with my evening, I will tell you about my afternoon.

IMG_7770During recording of my timelapse, I decided to take a walk through Parque Uruguay.

The park runs along the river, which cuts through Providencia, and has many different features.

One aspect of the park was quite fascinating.

You will notice in my gallery section, that some of the pictures look like they are of an outdoor gym.

That is because they are.

The park has outdoor gym facilities that you would see in a normal gym back in England.

IMG_7791However, as you would expect, there is not much resistance or weight on the ‘machines’.

I also wanted to take pictures of some of the graffiti on show near the park.

Santiago is full of graffiti. No matter where you go, there will be huge trademarks and political statements across shops, embankments, apartments, etc.

I find it interesting that nothing is done about this.

Perhaps there was a time, but the graffiti just could not be stopped.

IMG_7762Now to the interesting part of the night.

Daniel, of Sport/Life, and myself went out under the dark, cold night sky of Santiago and went in search of a unique homeless shelter and any other homeless folk we could see gathering under the stars.

For now, I will keep the identity of the unique homeless shelter with me.

Me and Daniel had plans to record footage there, but we decided against it for our own safety. We are to return there, though.

It was the furthest out from the apartment I had been, and it was certainly my most daunting night of the trip so far.

When we arrived at the shelter, we were met by military police.

As if that was not intimidating enough; they were wearing white gloves and face masks.

I was not prepared to be searched tonight, and nor was me or Daniel prepared to record.

We are going to seek consent before we simply set up and tripod, but something tells me that could be tricky.

The place is located down an alley-like passage, which just so happen to contain a hell of a lot of graffiti and the occasional spillage of blood on the floor – you know how it is.

At least we had found what we were looking for – kind of.

A short bus journey later, and I was back in Plaza de Armas.

IMG_7802This time it was not so packed full of people watching people.

Instead there was about 100 police officers present – who I believe were signing off duty for the night – and a small religious gathering.

More searching provided me with more homeless people for my project, and a chess club – just in case you are interested.

A fairly slow day of filming, but I will take it.

I just hope that everything from today pays off.

I imagine the updates on the blog will come much earlier tomorrow.

Buenas noches!

Kyle Waller

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