La gran reunión

Today was the most important day of The Homeless Goal project so far.

I met with Angela Gonzalez of Accion Total – the company that run Fútbol Calle – to discuss the documentary and the possibilities that come with it.

It was make or break for the project.

If I was unable to get any further information or access to Fútbol Calle, such as interviews, then I would have to go to another plan.

Fortunately, the meeting was fantastic and she was extremely helpful.

We agreed on how we could help each other and discussed the possibility of a huge opportunity for myself.

I cannot go into details of this until there is confirmation, but I am excited of the possibilities Angela and Fútbol Calle could provide.

Furthermore, we discussed the forthcoming weekend.

IMG_7264This weekend is the grand finals of the Fútbol Calle national tour and I have been granted access to film the grand finale and interview some of the staff – if it is possible.

I feel much better about where this documentary is going now.

I will most likely have another meeting with Angela next week to finalise things, and speak to the national team coach and Fútbol Calle director if I miss them on Sunday.

The national team for Chile will also be announced at the grand finals.

Fútbol Calle have truly made the team a national one too.

Every player will be from a different city – eight players in the male and female side.

It is a great initiative and I applaud them for this.

I look forward to working and co-operating with Fútbol Calle.

Hopefully, I will get some great footage this weekend and have some interviews to hand, too.

With my days in Chile running out, the pressure is building on me, but I must make the most of those days whilst I can.

¡Hasta luego!

Kyle Waller


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