Apartment view

Apartment view

It is currently 11:30 in Chile as I type this message.

After a very long journey, filling out loads of forms and going through customs more times than I ever have done, I am in Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

I left my house in Abbots Langley, Watford at 09:30 local time on Tuesday and arrived in Santiago at 07:00 local time the next day. Basically, I spent a very long time sitting on planes.

The flight from London Heathrow to New York JFK was a little delayed, but we still managed to arrive early. American Airlines did a good job of keeping me refreshed! I arrived in plenty of time to get my connecting flight to Santiago, which was not as refreshing as the first flight. Perhaps LAN airlines are doing a tighter job on their refreshment budget.

My biggest fears have already been realised. It is quite clear my lack of Spanish is going to be a huge obstacle whilst in Chile and it does make for some awkward social situations. The fact I can’t even read anything is quite worrying and my only English dialect so far has been with my fixer, Daniel Boyle and his wife.

Daniel has already given me a showcase of footbag – some of you may know it as Hacky Sack – a freestyle side of football using a very miniature ball. I gave it a go and falling over is probably not the best way to start!

I am now going to relax, whilst I wait to finalise plans with Accion Total.


Kyle Waller


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