All set and ready for kick off

Today was the most productive part of my journey in Chile, so far.

It was the grand finale for the Fútbol Calle national tour and a chance for me to get up close and personal with the stars of Fútbol Calle.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get as close as I wanted.

No interviews were conducted, but – and it is a huge but – interviews were seemingly arranged.

I have another meeting with Angela Gonzalez tomorrow and hopefully things will escalate from there.

With just three more days left after this one, I knew work was still to be done.

At 12:00, the official Chile team to go to the Homeless World Cup in Poland next month was announced.

I will give a full list of the players once I receive that list myself.

It was a wonderful moment for the players selected, as they were given their shirts by President Sebastián Piñera and the First Lady, Cecilia Morel.

After the female and male teams were presented to the audience, the tournament continued.

The finals tournament started at 08:00 and finished at approximately 18:15 before a ceremony ended the day.

DSC_0728There was some wonderful football on show from all age groups and gender – as you would expect in the grand finals.

The whole occasion showed how much the Chilean community appreciates what Fútbol Calle do.

Perhaps most importantly, the event showed how much the organisation means to the staff, as well as players.

I got quite a bit of filming done, too.

You could say it was a good day all-round.

As I mentioned at the start, no interviews were able to be conducted, so it was not a perfect day for me.

I cannot complain too much, as I have a few more days left in Chile, which includes another meeting with Angela and hopefully an interview with the director of Fútbol Calle.

Come back tomorrow to find out how the day went.

Buenas noches!

Kyle Waller


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