Fútbol Calle national tour: Part 2

IMG_7727This weekend was the final stages of the Fútbol Calle national tour.

It was only right fitting that I attended seeing as Fútbol Calle is a huge part of The Homeless Goal project.

As you may have read, I went out to Plaza de Armas yesterday where the last days of the tour were taking place.

Today was finals day, which saw the 16 and under, over 16 girls and over 16 boys competitions come to an end.

Unfortunately, games got underway a lot sooner than I thought.

This meant I missed the 16 and under competition and had to stand at the back of the crowd – that was until I squeezed my way through most of the crowd.

Obviously, this also meant that I did not have anywhere to place my tripod, so I could not get any footage of the games – just photos.

Check out my gallery page to see some of the snaps I took from the day.

The winning moment

The girls game was a fantastic spectacle.

It finished on a one goal penalty shootout after the teams being tied at 6-6 thanks to a goal with literally the last kick of the game.

As for the boys – not such an entertaining match – it ended 2-1.

It all started to happen for me after the finals, though.


After deciding to stick about and see what Plaza de Armas has to offer, I found three homeless guys.

Yes, that is correct. Not one. Not two. THREE homeless guys.

They were all fairly close together. Two were asleep – the other was not, I think!

IMG_7714One had what seemed his whole ‘homeless wardrobe’ with him in a shopping trolley, whilst the other two just had a rucksack each and torn up sleeping bags.

This was the perfect opportunity to get live footage.

However, there was one problem – security.

I had quickly learnt that security, particularly one member, was following me around Plaza de Armas.

There was no way I was getting my tripod out.

That did not stop me, though. I merely placed my camera next to me on a step and filmed away as if I was checking footage I already had on there.

I am going to say it…it was a smooth move.

Time will tell whether it paid off, however. I like to think that the footage is decent.

It was only right that I then took a few ‘tourist’ snaps and went back to the apartment on the Metro de Santiago.

IMG_7696This was my first time that I had been on the Metro on my own, and also the first time I had been so far out on my own too.

It felt like a good day for me.

I now have a few days wait before I get to meet with Accion Total, but it does not mean I do not have things planned.

You will have to wait see what I get up to.

Until tomorrow, adiós!

Kyle Waller


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