Poland: Contrasting emotions

Well…there are only so many words I can post today.

The final stages of the Homeless World Cup began today, starting with the quarter finals.

I filmed the whole team as they waited in the reception for the bus to leave.

Hopefully people get to feel the anxiety when watching the clips of the team on the bus.

Everyone was optimistic, but you could tell most of them were nervous.

Filming the documentary has made me do things I have never done before.

Keeping hold of a camera whilst filming on a bus, but getting good quality, is a challenge.

The afternoon started well with both teams winning and progressing to the semi-finals.

What happened next left a very weird feeling.

Chile mujeres played poorly, but they still managed to beat Kyrgyzstan 4-3 and have a chance to win the Women’s Homeless World Cup in tomorrow’s final against Mexico – a repeat of last year’s final.

From the high emotions of winning, to Chile hombres being thrashed 6-1 by Brazil.

Silence fell amongst the camp and I could barely concentrate on filming.

Anyway, I did what needed to be done and then spent a long time at Lake Malta trying to convert and transfer footage.

On my return to the accommodation, I was unsure of how to approach the team.

With limited Spanish, I did not feel I could approach them with any sympathy.

Instead, I did the professional and journalistic thing and stayed out of the way!

Tomorrow, the Chile hombres will play for third place, but the big game takes place in the late afternoon – Chile mujeres v Mexico.

I hope I have better news to report tomorrow.

By Kyle Waller


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