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Poland: Contrasting emotions

Well…there are only so many words I can post today.

The final stages of the Homeless World Cup began today, starting with the quarter finals.

I filmed the whole team as they waited in the reception for the bus to leave.

Hopefully people get to feel the anxiety when watching the clips of the team on the bus.

Everyone was optimistic, but you could tell most of them were nervous.

Filming the documentary has made me do things I have never done before.

Keeping hold of a camera whilst filming on a bus, but getting good quality, is a challenge.

The afternoon started well with both teams winning and progressing to the semi-finals.

What happened next left a very weird feeling.

Chile mujeres played poorly, but they still managed to beat Kyrgyzstan 4-3 and have a chance to win the Women’s Homeless World Cup in tomorrow’s final against Mexico – a repeat of last year’s final.

From the high emotions of winning, to Chile hombres being thrashed 6-1 by Brazil.

Silence fell amongst the camp and I could barely concentrate on filming.

Anyway, I did what needed to be done and then spent a long time at Lake Malta trying to convert and transfer footage.

On my return to the accommodation, I was unsure of how to approach the team.

With limited Spanish, I did not feel I could approach them with any sympathy.

Instead, I did the professional and journalistic thing and stayed out of the way!

Tomorrow, the Chile hombres will play for third place, but the big game takes place in the late afternoon – Chile mujeres v Mexico.

I hope I have better news to report tomorrow.

By Kyle Waller


Poland: Calm before the storm

Today was a fairly calm day in the camp.

Both teams had virtually qualified for the quarter finals of the Homeless World Cup.

My characters had a day off, so I just kept to filming the matches and recording interviews.

The men of Chile continued their 100% record with wins over Scotland and Denmark.

Whilst Chile mujeres comfortably beat Kyrgyzstan.

A fairly stress-free day for everyone.

The action starts tomorrow though.

I will be speaking with Carlos and Priscilla again before the quarter final stages begin.

Chile hombres will play Indonesia, and the mujeres will face Netherlands.

The semi-finals are within reach, but can both teams reach their ultimate goals?

I also hope to finally interview tournament director, James McMeekin.

James and I will discuss the current World Cup and the one taking place in Chile next year.

Sorry today’s post has been a bit blunt and boring.

Hopefully tomorrow I can give you more exciting information!

See you then.

By Kyle Waller

Poland: Not paying the penalty

A better day in the camp of Chile.

The day started early, but that gave me the opportunity to speak with Priscilla before the Homeless World Cup matches began.

It is hard to understand – because of the language – exactly what is happening in my characters’ stories, but I can tell who they are by the way they conduct themselves.

Hopefully in the documentary you will be able to see how honest, open and friendly Priscilla is.

For example, she carried my tripod to Lake Malta.

In fact, most of the Chilean group have offered to help me with my equipment at some point.

This pleases me, as it shows the respect and gratitude of the camp.

As usual, I continue to film all of the matches involving Chile and conduct short interviews afterwards.

Today was particularly good for the mujeres of Chile.

After losing to Hungary yesterday, they bounced back with a comprehensive win over Argentina, before beating current champions, Mexico in a thrilling encounter which finished on a penalty shootout.

Chile’s hombres continued their 100% record with a penalty shootout win over Romania and a good victory over Namibia.

Tomorrow I shall be meeting with the tournament director to discuss the Homeless World Cup in Chile next year and how the process of hosting a world cup works.

It will be the first interview of The Homeless Goal project to be conducted in English – weird!

Hopefully tomorrow continues to be a good day!

By Kyle Waller

Poland: A better day

Not long after I posted last night, I turned on my camera and found out that it worked – hooray!

The zoom does not work still, but at least I can film!

Now I can introduce my next character – Carlos Guzman.

I am sure that you will be inspired when you here his story.

What I recognise with Carlos, is his passion and spirit off the pitch, as well as on it.

The spirit in the camp needs to be like Carlos’ because the women of Chile lost their first match.

They played an extremely good Hungary team, and did not look like they knew what to do once they fell behind.

In stark contrast, the men of Chile won with ease again – crushing Netherlands this time.

After every match, I am interviewing the players to get their reactions to the game.

Today was the most interesting day yet – for interviews – because the women’s side had lost and they were not exactly happy.

I believe it was good for everyone, though.

Now, after screaming and shouting in the accommodation reception, watching the England v Scotland match, I am off to rest.

By Kyle Waller


Disaster in Poznan

Day three in Poland and one of the worst things possible to happen came to fruition.

Halfway through the day, I turn my Panasonic camera on and it gives me a choice of which usb selection to use.

Slight problem – actually quite big – there was no usb cable in the camera.

There has never been a usb cable in the camera since I have been in possession of it.

At this point in time, I cannot remove the message on the screen – I cannot record.

I managed to get quite a bit of footage beforehand, but I was unable to sit down with my other documentary character.

Hopefully, tomorrow is much kinder to me and The Homeless Goal documentary.

Both teams of Chile are still on course for World Cup glory having maintained their 100% record.

Tomorrow is the secondary stage of the tournament.

Chile’s mujeres have a tough test against Hungary, whilst the hombres will take on Netherlands.

Here is to a better day tomorrow…


By Kyle Waller